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Chapter 1 “Travelers in distress”. We are 8000 years ago, coming from space, a spacecraft in distress reached our solar system. This huge ship, 500 meters in length, has no choice but to try to land on Earth. It enters Earth's atmosphere, but the ship is out of control and continues to fall into the void. The ground is getting closer and closer and inside the giant warns of an impending shock. The huge ship in distress tries one last maneuver to land, but the impact in the sand is brutal and violent. It slides a long way before finally stopping. A cloud of smoke rises in the sky. The ship is half buried in the sand, especially the front. This place, where this ship just ran aground, is called "Sokar" or more commonly Sakkara, in Egypt. Humans inhabit this region, they have heard the deafening sound of the crash and they rush towards the source of the cloud of smoke in the sky. They arrive on the site and see in front of them this gigantic black ship stranded in the desert. They decide to observe him from a distance. After a period of standing still, a side door opens and people come out of the giant ship to see the extensive damage. These people really look a lot... like humans. There are men and women and they are easily identifiab­le because they are, strangely, half-naked just like the Egyptians. The men are shirtless with just waist-to-knee clothing, nothing else, not even shoes. The women have long hair and they are also shirtless. They let their bare breasts appear without any shame. They just have a light garment close to the body from the waist to the calves. They don't have shoes either.
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Apollo:  I speak English but native is better. Thank you

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